Shisha Base

Shisha Base is a new app concept which makes it easier for people to explore the growing number of shisha lounges across the UK.

Project Overview

Shisha lounges have increased in popularity around the UK in the past few years and as well as an increase of lounges opening in London and the greater area. A study in 2015 concluded that shisha smoking starts at an average age of 18.7 years, and is mostly popular amongst teenagers and young adults.Shisha Base streamlines the hunt for the best shisha spots, with a mission to be the largest directory for lounges across the UK.



  • Figma
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Role

    User Interface & UX


    1 Month | Apr-May 2020

    The Problem

    There is an absence of shisha lounge directories aimed at discovering shisha lounges, therefore there is a gap in the market for a potential app for the young adult demographic. The websites and apps available, which offer a similar experience, lack cohesive design and usability.

    The Solution

    The main goal for this project is to focus on the user journey as a well as establishing and designing a user interface which is intuitive in searching for shisha lounges and showcases each lounge to the best ability.

    User Research

    User Personas

    User personas have been developed to establish users’ motivations and needs for an app like Shisha Base.

    User Persona One
    User Persona Two
    User Persona Three

    Content Managment

    Site Map
    User Flow


    Logo Development

    Sketch Ideas
    Final Logo

    Style Guide


    Low fidelity sketch wireframes were created for the app pages

    Final Product

    Shisha Base

    Map view

    The interactive map feature is easy to scroll and users can move anywhere in and around London. The interactive location pins and labels display each shisha lounge in the area. When clicked they will take the user to the shisha lounge page.

    Users are also able to use the search bar layered on top of the map to search by keywords or add a location.

    Filter Shisha Lounges

    The filter shisha feature provides an additional element for the user to be able to search and discover shisha lounges. The modern UI allows users to easily filter by location distance, price range and type of shisha lounge.

    Search Shisha Lounges

    The search features provided offer a robust search experience across the app. Users are encourage to search all shisha lounges, with a clearly defined search field.

    The search results are presented in a clear and concise way, showing the main points of information for each shisha lounge.


    Although the shisha base app concept is in the primary stages of design and development, it has potential to be a popular and valuable app across the target demographic. There are a few refinements to be made and thorough testing to ensure it meets the criteria to be in the market.

    Ultimately, for future plans the app would be a directive of shisha lounges across the whole of the UK and even internationally.