AMC Refrigeration

A website re-design for a small business offering services for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems through servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Project Overview

After previously working with AMC Refrigeration on another website, we agreed on a re-design of their existing website. Mainly focusing on clients being able to book a quote online. As a small business with most clientele communicating via phone, AMC wanted a better online presence with a goal to reach a wider audience.



  • Axure
  • Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Figma
  • HMTL & PHP
  • JS
  • CSS
  • Role

    UX / UI & Web Development


    3 Months | Mar-Jun 2020

    The Problem

    An outdated website design which lacked professionalism and didn't showcase the services the business provided very well. There was also a lack of online presence which meant the business didn’t reach all potential clients.

    The Solution

    Focus on branding and UI to engage potential customers to use the services. A clean, professional looking website, showcasing AMC's services. Facilitate the ability for customers to book a quote or get in contact easily through the AMC website.

    User Research

    User Personas

    A series of User personas were then produced from the findings of the user survey, establishing potential user needs and frustrations.

    User Persona One
    User Persona Two
    User Persona Three

    Content Managment

    Site Map
    User Flow - Book a Quote


    Logo Development

    Sketch Ideas
    Final Logo

    Style Guide


    Wireframes were created to map out the connections between the ideas, designs and user flow.

    Home Page
    Services Pages

    Mid-fidelity Prototypes

    Based on the prototype sketch designs, mid-fidelity protoypes have been created using Axure prototyping software.

    Final Product

    Live AMC Website
    AMC refrigeration Website

    Booking a Quote

    The 'book a quote' form makes it easier for potential customers to reach the business easily. In addition, having services information online helps reach potential clients which may not have been possible through just a phone presence.

    Modern UI Design

    The website has intuitive design and is easy to get around. As there wasn't much content, the main single page simplicity makes the user experience very easy. The site navigation menu at the top of the page makes it even more effortless for users to jump directly down to a section of the page they wish to look at.


    The feedback given from the client was positive, saying that the new AMC website showcases the services well. In terms of customers, productivity has increased as the online ‘book a quote’ form meant that requests were dealt with more efficiently, and staff were able to get back to customers quicker than through phone calls. AMC are now able to promote and advertise their company in an organic, professional way.